Jimz Toby Myers

Jimz is the owner & head artist at Maharadjah Tattoo Bali

He has been a tattoo artist since 2002 and have since become a Board member of the Indonesian Subculture club. He is also been selected few times to be one of the judge in multiple tattoo competitions in Indonesia. With 15 Years of Experience in the Tattoo Industry, Jimz Toby Myer has traveled across Europe and Asia as a guest tattoo artist in multiple tattoo studios to showcase his art abroad. His philosophy in the art of tattoo believes that every tattoo should be made with a sense of joy, both for the artist and client. He loves what he does. his enthusiasm and passion towards the art of tattoo is reflected through his work. He will guide you through the designing process and make sure that the whenever you get a tattoo at Maharadjah Tattoo Bali, you will always leave with a big smile and a beautiful piece of art on your skin.

List of Awards:


  • Winner of Kenarau Miri Malaysia 2014 3rd Fantasy Tattoo Competition
  • Winner of Small Category at “Batu Pahat” 2013, etc


  • World Record Holder Body Art Festival 2012
  • Surabaya Tattoo Festival 1st place photo tattoo
  • Winner of Ralist Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2012
  • Winner of Oriental Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2010
  • Winner at Super Heroes Tattoo Convention 2012, etc

Judge Duty:

  • Judge at Jakarta Tattoo Festival 2014
  • Judge at Surabaya Tattoo Festival 2014
  • Judge at Indonesia Body Art 2014, etc

Bam – Bang

Bam – Bang is skilled tattoo artist Bali

Bam – Bang is the Tattoo master of new school with colorful splash style, but he also do the realistic tattoo and fantasy style and often uses bright and vibrant colors to highlight his work. He always trying to approach each his work with a unique perspective. Anything is possible, no limitations! Whether you’ll show him some image that you want to replicate on your skin or ask him to draw one and confirm with you, he’ll be glad to do either of those 2 for you. Working with him is fun and full of amazing accurate details.

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